Paediatric Physiotherapy in Newcastle

Paediatric Physiotherapists often see babies and toddlers for assessments. Common concerns are

  • Babies who have difficulty moving the head and neck equally in both directions (Torticollis) or have a flat spot on their head (Plagiocephaly)
  • Babies born with feet that turn in or out
  • Babies with delayed gross motor development
  • Babies who have muscles that are stiff or floppy
  • Babies who move asymmetrically- moving one arm or leg more or less than the other side
  • Toddlers who walk or move in an atypical way e.g. on their toes or limping
We have a special interest in helping children with cerebral palsy, hypermobility, developmental coordination disorder, developmental delay and autism.

Our qualified physiotherapists are skilled at assessing muscles and movement. Following your assessment your physiotherapist will discuss an individual therapy plan and be able to give you specific activities, tailored to your child’s needs, that can be practiced at home.

Is your child in need of paediatric physiotherapy?

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