Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy in Newcastle

Paediatric Physiotherapists have specific training and expertise in a very broad range of paediatric conditions. They acknowledge that children are not small adults, they are different from an anatomical, physiological and psychological perspective.

The goal is to help children to live their life fully by maximising their ability to participate in play, school and home activities.

We have a special interest in helping children with cerebral palsy, hypermobility, developmental coordination disorder, developmental delay and autism.

Goals Focused

At Kids Physio we focus on the functional goals of children and their family/carers.

Unique Approach

At Kids Physio we acknowledge that each child is unique in their presentation and their therapy program is tailored to fit those needs.

Play centred therapy

The therapy sessions are always play centred to encourage the child to take part and recommendations are based on best practice.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Parents/carers input is highly valued and when appropriate, a multidisciplinary approach is utilised involving liason with other health professionals, ensuring the best outcomes for your child.

Is your child in need of paediatric physiotherapy?

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